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1. Lee Jong Suk - Lee Bo Young Aquarium Kiss 2. Lee Bo Young’s crying scene at funeral home 3. Lee Jong Suk & Jung Woong In fighting scene 4. Kim Hae Sook’s restrained tears 5. Yoon Sang Hyun’s hand kiss proposal Source: naver via Do you guys agree? For me the best scene was the number #4 above, thought I love, love, love the aquarium kiss scene to death too!
Lee Jong Suk, feel in love with him while watching this drama.
I do re-watch kiss scene too. Not as much as thousand but more than 10 times Lol. For the reason I like that ep5 scene...I felt so happy for Sooha that he was able to caught happy smile on his face since his life has been so harsh for such a long time by saw his dad got killed just right next to him by that heartless Junkuk plus his uncle also means to him by wanted to abandoned him so badly not enough the girl he has been waithing for ten year never even glance to him as a man but Cha lawyer.So I really like it very much with the song that show how long he expected that moment came...
@anagnz I replay the kiss scene for like thousands times.. so heart-drenching and beautiful. I love that the kiss only lasts for less than 5 seconds too @GorgeousFlower I'm with you on that! Love that scene because it shows that there is somebody out there caring for our Soo Ha.
I would say the 2nd place should the Scenes that Bo Young covering Jong Suk wound with beautiful OST:Why di you come now on EP5.
agreed Ones of the best Scenes :)
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