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Alright, no judgement zone, right?

I seriously feel like such an annoying girlfriend to even ask this question but...

I really love flowers.

Now, I have ZERO issue buying myself flowers, and I always try to have fresh flowers somewhere in my house at all times (though this winter I have switched back into the world of succulents...)
But a part of me would really, really love my boyfriend to surprise me with flowers every once in a while.
He's just not the kind of guy to do that - he's romantic in other ways but the whole buying little gifts just because thing isn't for him.

And I don't hate him for it!

I just wish there was a normal way for me to drop the hint that I'd really love to be surprised like that every once in a while without sounding like a needy girlfriend?

So my multi-part question is:

1. Should I ask my boyfriend to buy me flowers?

If no, I get you - I'm fine buying them myself and should understand my boyfriend just isn't into that,
If yes, how should I tell him and why do you think I should?
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however i feel you should tell you boyfriend that he should express his love for you with flowers. that is just one way to express his love.
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Tell him your dad buys your mom flowers all the time for no reason. 😉
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I don't know if you have it resolved yet but being in my relationship for 5 years, my honest advice is to just tell him. If you drop hints and he doesn't get it still, (which is highly likely) it's just going to leave you upset and irritated. And that's not his fault, it's yours for not communicating well. Hints are hard to see if you're not looking for them and no one can read minds. Just be open and honest and say "hey, I don't know if you've noticed but I really like flowers and I would love if you buy me flowers some times. " He really probably just doesn't know. I saw this video the other day that helped explain how people receive love differently and it's a really great insight. Give it a look. It's called "The 5 different love languages" Good luck!
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I say yes a subtle hint is typically watching a movie that u know where the guy surprises the girl with flowers just say awww that's so cute/ romantic and as well maybe surprising him with a small give he'll probably think "Maybe I should get her something " Maybe hopefully he'll think flowers if not then omf another could be saying "oh I think I should get flowers soon my home needs some atm but I don't have the time to pick some up *sigh*" or something like that ewe sorry kinda suck at this or just say I want flowers n if he denies throw a table at him
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