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This is the newest MMORPG to be published NCSoft. It is being Developed by Carbine Studios who has worked on titles, such as, World of Warcraft, EQ 1 and 2, Warhammer, City of Heroes, and other titles. Hopefully this title will be the next revolution in MMO gaming.
@tacotuesdays AFAIK, the demo at PAX East showed an open tagging loot system. AN open tagging loot system is the system that they use in GW2, where even though one person started attacking the mob anyone that comes along and helps him/her will also get loot and experience. As for PVP, Carbine is implementing a Rivals list, along with a Friends list, which is a new concept in which you can add opposing faction characters and they will show as an icon on our minimap.
@BlackMage I'm more interested in things like loot and PVP. How does the loot system work? Did I miss a memo about pvp? Additionally, I assume this will be a free to play title?
@tacotuesdays I felt the same way the first time I watched it. Nobody wants to see these things lol. Everyone wants to see some gameplay and awesome graphis. I plan on posting some gameplay footage, so stick around.
Now see, this trailer represents everything that SHOULDN'T happen in a game actual game play. The only thing I could think of as I watched this was...."Hey, neat cartoon."