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Realizing that anime isn't just a watchin action but is something meaningful, then it means something. Maybe something simple like your favorite sport or tv show. Yet maybe more like a passion or a meaning and love in life!! Does it help you or does it create your existence to push for dreams, love, life, and existence!! Anime is life!! It doesn't matter what whet who or how it is what it is, when you wanna do what you gotta do then you know fate is reality that is loved put through simple actions. Create your own reality and dream of a reality of colors and beliefs. If you make it real then make it happen with your mind and then your body follows!! Anime is life!! Do you believe in anime??!!
@JosiahQuick I completely feel ya NAKAMA!! I agree so much it has been my own form of zen and peace and understanding about myself!!
it helps me escape I hate how our would works and it drives me crazy as a child I had self controls issues and I was always angry I did the whole go to the doctor and see if I had a problem and they gave me some medicine and it didn't help but one day I found anime and it changed my life for some reason it just connected with me I spotted being as angry and I got more self control so now when ever I'm down or need to chill I go to anime and it makes my burdens a little less heavy
my life❤ lol