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I don't follow a lot of food-themed Instagrams, but then I was introduced to NYC-based company Mister Krisp's assorted collection of custom-made Krispies, and I was hooked.

This is professional baker and krispy treat 'arteest', Jessica Siskin, owner of Mister Krisp and its Instagram account, which currently boasts a staggering 432,000 followers.

Since October 2013, she's gained popularity by using this marshmallowy dessert to craft anything from celebrities....

To popular cartoon characters...

To shaping this food to look like OTHER food...

to, well, everything in between.

Taking orders from all around the country - including major celebrity clientele, Jessica is, admittedly, a little taken back by her current success:

"Three years ago, I didn't know how to cook anything besides oversized heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats (but I had other redeeming qualities)."

For more crazy (but strangely inspiring) Rice Krispy creations, you can follow Mister Krisp's IG at @mister_krisp.

But now I want to know:

Which of these Mister Krisp treats is your favorite? If you gave her your own custom order, what kind of krispy treat would you want?

Absolutely loveeeeeee! I need all of them. Yum!
I bet they're rich
I want a Chewbacca one
Really neat.
I'd want a life size zombie one so when I see it I could bite his face off before he got me
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