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Finding a new tip or two to spice up braids styles is something I love doing on my free time. Lately, I'ave been obsessed with half-up hairstyles. The classic double side braid and hair crown is always golden but I want to try something different. Here are some variation I found on the web and the might love them as much I do.

Half Up Fishtail

It's a fresh replacement of the French braid and Dutch braid! Don't you agree the pattern is stunning?

The Messy Fishtail

This is an upgraded version of the style above. Instead of pinning the fishtail to opposite ends you will be merging it down the center with another fishtail braid.

Half Up Alien Buns

Cool. If you can actually pull this off. I love the cozy chic outfit and the whole style just screams effortless lazy girl! Ugh, and those glasses are too cute.

Preppy Half Up Style

This is a favorite for holiday theme party or professional gatherings. Simply curl your hair and clip it back half way with a cute bow.

Half Up Top Knot

The metallic pink hair and top knot combo is surprisingly edgy. Everything about this is gorgeous including our white blouse!

Half Up Carnation Bun

This is really simple. First, tie your hair in a half up ponytail. Braid the tail and gently stretch out the sides to create a petal look. Finally roll the braid into a bun and secure it tightly with hair pin!

Triple Rose Half Up Hair

Use the same technique as above but instead of tie rolling it into a bun you'll be layering it around the elastics.
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