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@kawaiiporpoise tagged me in her card where she highlighted hers and she said I didn't have to but pshh, I so wanted too! This is a fun challenge, and I'm gonna challenge every person I tag to do the same!! Okay so im bad at remembering the bands and song names unless they really jump out at me and I'm noticing that is happening more often than not so it's getting REALLY hard for me to remember which anime have my favorite OPs and EDs. The music in anime is actually really kick ass. So I'm just gonna pick a few, I hope yall enjoy. This is a clipper card lol. ^ I haven't seen all of Deadman Wonderland but I remember the op kicking ass and I was right!
The OP and ED for Ajin are awesome as hell, one rocky and intense and the other classic and somber, the music video for the ED is kinda creepy but beautifully well done. It's also fresh in mind I'm almost done with the first season
Oh the OP for Owari no Seraph is so awesome, and Krul doing those pirouettes(I hope that's what you call em and spelled proper) are so mesmerizing
Ah Trust Me from Durarara this is just a jam.
My favorite OP coupled with my favorite ED from Fairy Tail, of what I've seen so far.
All the OPs and EDs for Noragami both seasons are just so kick ass!
Tagging everyone i can! If you've already done it, then tag me in the comments of your card, if not make one and tag me then! Challenge Initiated: @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @BlackoutZJ @VoidX @ebethoven @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @AdamDean @CreeTheOtaku @gabbycalzada @qveenknip @wakleyjj @assasingod @Danse @kawaiiporpoise (cept you I saw lol) @NeckoNecko @Yatosgirl @ShinigamiSan @Silverfang @UzumakiJess @JessicaFerrier @tayhar18920 @pervysagex @Colonellinguis @AimeBolanos @IvanDiaz @Straightshooter @LucyOfFairyTail @Hatrosca @mysteriomyx19 @gambit @PASCUASIO @SimoneSanders @Lushisushi If i didn't tag you but you see it, please jump on in and tag me still and I'll add ya to future tags! I'm gonna try to do more of these challenges and I'm glad to see everyone else is too!
@SAMURXAI I've been looking for good horror anime. But I can't seem to find any that are actually scary. I'll check those out
@JessicaFerrier I would recommend both those anime highly. they are horror though, so be prepared for some intensity!
The only ones I don't recognize are Ajin and Owari no Seraph. The rest of them I love though especially the Norogami one