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Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 15 Preview Out!
Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 15 ==================================== [Helping BoonDo to wear a tie] HeeJin : Everyday, wives do it for their husbands. If you feel my love, then....(Kiss)! [Eating pasta] BoongDo: Yes... (Kiss) I'll only eat this everyday. HJ : Before,to meet once, it took 300years but now, it takes only 5 minutes... Ja Soo : I'll kill you ! HJ : I feel that I cannot see him for the last time.. Maybe it's over.. ================================ <sob> I'm going to provide eng subs for the latest greatest Queen In Hyun's Man previews, so follow me at http://www.vingle.net/Luka so we can drool over QIHM togetherrr
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thanks for the translation~~
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Written preview out too http://www.vingle.net/posts/15475
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hey everyone by popular demand i'm going to do live recaps for Ep 16 here http://www.vingle.net/posts/18727 JOIN ME ON the QIHM journey!!!
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