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Can You Recognize What These Are?

Below are 5 buildings you see often in Korea, can you tell what they are!?

약국 (yak-guk)

은행 (eun-haeng)

우체국 (oo-cheh-guk)

식당 (shik-dang)

노래 연습실 (no-rae yeon-sheup-shil) 노래방 (no-rae-bang)

Leave your answers below!

@princessfranki @UKissMeKevin @DekaraMiller @kel53 @ocherrylimeadeo @LysetteMartinez @reyestiny93 @MaggieHolm @misssukyi @mistymaity @JamiMilsap @Lizzeh @ariana2k @MandyNoona @BabySheep @Ikpoper @kel53 @LizaNightshade @DulceOjeda @primodiva93 yaaay! The correct answers were: Pharmacy, bank, post office, restaurant, and a noarebang! (Also the first floor is a bar so that is correct too!)
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@kpopandkimchi HaHa! Yay! So if I ever make it to Korea maybe there's hope I'll at least recognize one or two things! 😁
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pharmacy, bank, post office, restaurant, karaoke??
2 years ago·Reply
Pharmacy, bank, post office, restaurant, night club
2 years ago·Reply office4.restaurant5.karaoke bar
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