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So far these are the top Cities in the U.S.A. These are the progresses of Missions before completion. If you complete the missions before the time limit (5:00pm PST daily) Your campaign moves up. Do this for 60 days to move to the Yellow stage for iKON via MyMusicTaste. If you want to help go to these links as these will make it go faster! The objectives are what you must do before completing a daily missions. If you see green, that is progress which is good! If red, that means no progress was made and you do not get a daily mission complete and have to start again that mission. Don't let that happen! It's very easy, just need to be on it! Current status of MyMusicTaste. 14 hours left. L.A. http://mmt.fans/xo Chicago http://mmt.fans/p/oGy Dallas http://mmt.fans/OI NYC http://mmt.fans/p/1PN #iKONIC #IKONinLA #iKONLA #iKONUSA @ygent_official @ikon_yg @_mymusictaste #IKONinChicago #IKONinNYC #iKONinDallas #ikondallas #ikonfans Remember your city must reach 7% or above to be added! Comment if your city is 7%!
Stage Statuses for 4/21/2016
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