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Favorite Anime Openings(OP) and Endings(ED)
Hello my name is Nayna but you can call me Mei (Beautiful in Japanese) so

I thought this was kinda fun ^-^ So My Fav Anime Op and Ed... First i will start with Anime


Anime: Noragami
Anime: Wolf Girl And Black Prince (ookami shoujo to kuro ouji)
Anime: ao haru ride (Blue Spring Ride)
Anime: Yona Of The Dawn (akatsuki no yona)
Anime: Maid-sama
Now Anime


Anime: kamisama hajimemashita
Anime: Vampire Knight
Anime: gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun (Monthly Girls` Nozaki-kun)
Oh my! /.\ there are moreeee xD But I will leave you with these because I don't remember /.\ I can't explain why I like this op and ed β€’ but when I watch this anime I always stay and just wait until the song ends xD but sometimes the the op or the ed is not that awesome :/

See Yaa! ^-^

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whoo!!! really awesome pics. Noragami just has such fantastic music lol
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vampire knight 😍
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