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ESPN released an exclusive article on Tiger Woods and his downfall after his father passed away about ten years ago. Tiger has always been a symbolic figure my entire life and I always thought he would be the person to break Jack Nicolaus's record. But to see him go down like's always been a disappointment.

But that all changed after I read this article on Tiger.

Sports fans, please take about fifteen minutes to read this article ---> The Secret History of Tiger Woods
This article shows what Tiger had to go through as a superstar in golf and how his father's death affected his life. Even though we judge him due to the several misjudgments he has made in his life, this article gave me a different perspective on the superstar.
Every sports fan should take a moment to read the article and learn more about not just the golfer Tiger Woods, but Tiger Woods as a human being.
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Deep stuff....he's quite the introvert!