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The couple from a different village but had the most fulfilling relations!! For all I can say she is stubborn and just like shikamaru describes his mom mean while she fills shikamaru with the realizations of what a woman really is!! She is someone who is strong, proud, an older sister to great men as well as beautiful!! She embodies hope strength, and familiarity of love for happiness!! Thank you!! Anime is love!!
Wish it could be as easy to find love like in animes. 26 episodes or less. I wonder what episode I'm on?
@Stevenb1990 yeah that ones a little off and I think just a throw together personally!! @YumiMiyazaki yeah I agree NAKAMA!! I think that's why I envy anime romance so much bc it always seems so amazing and perfect haha my dream world to someday make believe m!!
well, you can't forget about Choji and Karui....Still don't know that happened😊