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Last week I shared a couple of half-up hairstyles and I wanted to try the hair twisted. My hair is not long enough to do this, so I borrowed my friend's beautiful hair! Sorry about the blurry photo on the right. We were about to have dinner, so I was in a rush.
Step 1: Tie hair back into a half up style.
Step 2: Grab a section of hair from side loop it over the tied hair.
Step 3: (A) you can either continue looping the hair with the same section or (B) you can grab another section and repeat the same process. I want to be creative and try the second method.
This is the result. It's slightly different from the original but I like it.
I wanted to experiment further so I made a fishtail using the rest of the hair.
Fin! I wished I flowers with me so I can decorate it even more!