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It's easy to fall into the trap. That a woman is someone's mother, someone's child, someones sister, his girlfriend, so when they are doing something you don't seem "correct", as long as you remind yourself of those "human" traits, you can stop judging and disrespecting her. But a women's connection to someone else matters just about as much as how short her skirt is or how many people she's slept with. The idea that you should respect a woman because she is anything but another human being is one of the most telling problems of gender inequality. Women should ALWAYS have your respect, not because of her connection to someone, but because she IS a someone.
Think of it this way, when a man does anything wrong or "socially incorrect" the defense is "well boys will be boys." Not; don't judge too hard, he's someone's son. Sounds stupid when it's reversed huh?
@shannonl5 I know, right? how hard is it to show a little courtesy to each other?
I've grown up with the idea that there are two kinds of respect. the first is the one you show others with the idea of treating others as you want to be treated. that concept seems to have largely been lost. the other respect is the one you earn. the first respect I show everyone because its the way I was brought up. respect people because they exist. each life is as important as my own. that's why I could never hurt or kill anyone, and why I don't seek revenge when I've been hurt. the other respect is a different creature all together. for example if we worked together but didn't like each other or maybe even hated each other it would still be possible for you to respect me for what I do if my work speaks for itself. this generation definitely grew up with a different mindset than mine did. there's so many things people are angry about that it makes my head spin
@shannonl5 @buddyesd yes i agree completely!! like everyone should be treated with respect because they deserve it!!!! its insane that that isn't a normal concept, its really not that difficult.
@buddyed that's totally how it should be! Like it really shouldn't be so hard to not treat humans like garbage because they're a different gender (or race, or class, or any other thing) but there's this weird superiority complex that comes in all these different ways and shapes so many of our interactions
look guys I see your points..but my dawg is rocking those high heels
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