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Beauty mavens, prepare yourselves for amazing news.

If you find yourself constantly on YouTube perusing the channels of your favorite makeup gurus, brace yourself. The entertainment platform is launching an online beauty school for those girls who want to become a famous beauty vlogger. How awesome is that?
Now before you start writing up your acceptance letter, the program is only open in France at the moment, but the tube has plans of expanding later on. Out of several girls who apply, ten will be chosen and this June they will learn literally all things beauty.
The academy lasts six months and they'll be getting schooled by some of the best including YouTube execs and the L'Oreal Paris team. Once they officially complete the program, the ten students will receive what is called a 'BeautyTUBE' certificate. I mean seriously, how cute is that?
This December the school will also be launching a reality-esque show that will debut on L'Oreal Paris YouTube channel. Let's just say, if this program makes its way to the United States, I am definitely hopping on the opportunity. Because seriously, who would pass this up?

Would you apply for this beauty program?

Do you think they will eventually expand the program?
Me too! Hopefully next year they will bring it to the US @primodiva93
Of course it's only in France smh馃槕 bummer! I'd love to do this
Yeah, that would be great! Hopefully they expand @MyAffairWith
If they accept more applicants, then yes
yes I would. lol
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