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First it was popping popcorn with a flat iron, now this.

This lady cooked an egg with a curling wand.
Now, I don't want to sound like a complete health nut, but how sanitary is it for people to be using hair items to prepare food they plan on eating -- and why?
I don't get the craze.
Am I the only one who thinks this is silly and pointless. Just cook it the regular way.

What do you think about people using hair products to prepare food?

Nasty or Nah girl, it's food? Leave a comment.
These products aren't made for food safety- they could be made of metals that are safe for your hair but potentially poison your food. Add to that the fact that there's probably residue from hair styling products on them (which have all kinds of things you really shouldn't ingest)... this is not a great idea. You're probably not gonna make yourself sick, but why risk it? And potentially damage your expensive curling iron in the process? Like, it's cool to know you CAN, but SHOULD you? Nah
@buddyesd nothing beats a good 10w-40 sauce
@YourConscience @CreeTheOtaku @jordanhamilton @shannonl5 @Ticasensei here sometimes the guys warm up their tacos on the engine block with it idling
@CreeTheOtaku dont give them ideas lol
I've seen a video of a (K-Pop) girl group cooking bacon with a flat iron but they used foil to cover the iron
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