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This anime was amazing. I really don't like bands, I'm not into that style of music but this opening is a song I really liked.
This is another opening I really liked. Just listening to it hits me hard in the feels 😭
I liked this ending because it reminds me of my childhood since I grew up watching Naruto
I may or may not of teared up at this part.... Such a great ending Since I don't know who's been challenged so far I challenge all those who view this card 😈. Can't wait to see what openings and endings people choose. Tag me so I can see your choices 😁
Hip hop, R&B, and rap @SAMURXAI
@SAMURXAI there I accepted your challenge 😎
awh that last one I haven't even seen that and talk about feels jeez..great pics man!!! love it. so you say you don't like bands? what kinda music are you into then?