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All from Soompi: Six-member idol group VIXX, who made a comeback with the single album “Zelos” on April 19, shared their goals and promises for the new album at their showcase on the same day. VIXX promised that if they win on music programs, they would film a choreography video dressed up as Greek and Roman gods, in line with their Greco-Roman mythology concept that they intend to promote for a year. “Some of my lines in the song refer to magic,” member Hongbin said. “I want to try doing real magic on stage.” VIXX also shared that their goal for this promotional period was to show people a more complete side of themselves. Leader N said, “[Our ’Conception’ concept] is planned for a full year, and I think VIXX is still on the journey to success. I don’t want to stay in the same place too long.” Although the group has been active for almost four years now, the members said, “We still feel like rookies. Since we’re still on the journey to success, it’s hard to talk about going back to our roots. Rather, we’re always feeling like we’re at the beginning.”
they're gonna dress up as Greek Gods !!! OH MY GOSH they have to win! 😁😁😁
@JessicaVang I already put my vote in for the m countdown. I really do hope they win
This sounds exciting. Let's do it!
If they do that Imma cry with happiness
All the starlight's I see are putting in so much work to see them win. I'm trying to do as much as I possibly can. I really hope this album does very well!! It's an amazing album!! That choreo video sounds amazing and they have such great goals for this release. Vixx is such a humble group. :) Vixx fighting!!!! Starlight's fighting!!!
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