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No time to try it on today (I've been sick as a dog for the past few days, you don't want to see this red nose!!!) but my palette from BH Cosmetics in collaboration with Shaaanxo just arrived!!! Check out this beauty~~
These are the 9 eyeshadow shades
And these are the 9 lip shades!!!
If I end up liking the colors, this will be totally perfect for traveling!!! It was hard to take a good picture, but it's really compact with the eyeshadows & lippies on two sides of the same palette, so it's compact and covers a lot of ground with two BIG mirrors!

Can't wait to try this out ;)

Let me know if there's specific colors or anything you'd like to see from it ^-^
Oh sweet!!! I love it!!! The lip colors and eye shadow colors are great and can be worn with soooo many looks!!! I actually might invest in this. I hope you feel better soon!!
@marshalledgar hahaha trust me I have to wait!! my lips are dry and gross from this cold :( but soon!! @jordanhamilton yes I can't wait to try them!
the colors look amazing. def loving the lip shades. you should do swatches!!
@hikaymm cool! Have fun!!!
@MyAffairWith Thank you!!! I'm already on the mend thankfully :) I can't wait to try this guy out a bit more!!!
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