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Ladies, we aren't the only ones who get beads of sweat on our forehead when it comes to dating someone. Guys experience the same level of anxiety, especially when they find out that you're single. It went from friend zone to 'you should let me love you' circa 2003. Yeah, it's that serious.
Believe it or not, guys have emotions and although they may not show them all the time -- they definitely happen to be there. That one word and five letters will have a guy acting extremely different from the way he approaches you to the things he says when he's around you. If you've ever experienced this then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't, keep scrolling to see what most guys think when they find out that you're single according to our friends over at Cosmopolitan *cues Natasha Bedingfield's song*.

'Don't ask her, "How is it possible someone like you is single?" Don't, don't do it. Please, don't do it.'

This line is super played out fellas. Go hard or go home. We all know it's possible, now skip the sweet talk and dig a bit deeper.

'Wait ... is she recently single? How recent?'

Although this shouldn't matter, it does. Sometimes your idea of not too recent can be way too recent for someone else.

'This has completely changed the way I'm looking at this interaction now.'

Play it cool. That's all we ask. You now know that we are indeed single. Either you're interested or you're not. While certain things may change as far as the interaction, don't over do it.

'How does she define "single"?'

Because in 2016, this is a question you should probably ask since everyone seems to have a different definition.

'If I'm going to ask her out, I should probably wait awhile so I don't look desperate.'

If you're going to take the plunge, go for it. No point in waiting around forever. Her yes now, might be a no in another three weeks due to prior engagements. What's the worse that can happen? Literally.

Fellas, agreed?

Ladies, has a guy ever found out you were single and immediately started acting different?
Yeah don't ask why a girl is awkward of a question for both of you!
Yes, but I kind of brush them away because it was a bad timing for me to date. This brings back memories of how cold I was in high school. But at least I was being honest to them.
EXACTLY! that's just a question you don't ask if you want a second date lol @sophiamor
honesty is always the best policy. better cold and honest than not honest at all in my opinion @cindystran