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Guys!! I can't believe I'm even making this card right now! Look at what Monsta X posted on their Twitter. Do you see what I see? Thanks to @MarcoLopez for showing me this
It says "the Clan 2.5" which i have no idea what that means. It says Part 1 too so does that mean a mini album or what? Im a little confused xD
First it was I.M's mix tape and now its this. I am so happy right now. Hopefully it will be a full album but who knows! I'm just happy their coming back

What Is Your Reaction To This?? Are You Feeling Out?

Right? I'm dying
Why do they do this to us without giving an explanation 馃槷 Guys I'm dyin' inside! I can't wait!!!! 馃槅 Made my morning!!
I don't even know what they are doing but I'm so excited about it!!!!
I'M NOT OKAY!!!馃槮馃槺馃樀
Oh my, oh my, oh my......