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Guys!! I can't believe I'm even making this card right now! Look at what Monsta X posted on their Twitter. Do you see what I see? Thanks to @MarcoLopez for showing me this
It says "the Clan 2.5" which i have no idea what that means. It says Part 1 too so does that mean a mini album or what? Im a little confused xD
First it was I.M's mix tape and now its this. I am so happy right now. Hopefully it will be a full album but who knows! I'm just happy their coming back

What Is Your Reaction To This?? Are You Feeling Out?

Oh my, oh my, oh my......
I'M NOT OKAY!!!馃槮馃槺馃樀
I don't even know what they are doing but I'm so excited about it!!!!
Why do they do this to us without giving an explanation 馃槷 Guys I'm dyin' inside! I can't wait!!!! 馃槅 Made my morning!!
Right? I'm dying