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(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Can you see me?
Shes not opening her eyes. I cant get her to respond. Its all my fault. I should have said something. But I didnt.
You opened your eyes to the sound of your friend. She was a mess. Her tear stained face with mascara running down it was not pretty look on her.
Whoa...did the grudge come alive, you whispered aloud cracking a smile.
(Y/N)!!! Youre ok, she said as she broke down in sobs.
Shhhhh. Am I supposed to be caring for you or you taking care of? I feel like I took a bath from your tears. So dont cry. Im all right.
If you say so, she sniffled.
Ah. Right so did I trouble Yoongi again?
About that...Yoongi wasnt the one who stepped in. It was well Ill let you see. She paused and then looked towards the light coming from the living room. Picking up all the good looking guys eh, she winked.
What can I say. When I get beat up I get all the good looking guys. I better thank them anyways.
You got up and as you were leaving the room you noticed something. It was your reflection. Your face and nose all scarred and scratched up. It was in the past now. You couldnt do anything.
Yoongis Perspective:
She was lifeless. Her breathing was too slow, and her face was covered in scratches. Why didnt he leave earlier when (Y/FN) had mentioned to him that she was running late. Her friend could barely stand to go find her. Every few minutes she would run to the bathroom to throw up. Alcohol wasnt her thing and neither was leaving her best friend alone for more than 10 minutes.
Hyung? Are you ok? You look a little pale. More than usual.
He turned his face to the voice.
Was it good he had gotten to (Y/N) first?
Yoongi she could have died if he hadnt been there. What could of guy-
Yeah. Im just tired.
As you walked into the living room you noticed Yoongi and another man.
Not just another man. A guy named Jimin.
Oh god. What have you gotten them into.
But they seemed to notice you before you could say anything.
Yah. How are you feeling?
Good. Thank you. More importantly, how are you doing with all those scratches everywhere, you said as you looked closer at his face. You didnt apply any ointment on it. Let me get the first-aid kit and do it for you.
After grabbing the kit, you slowly applied the ointment on his face gentle not to make him flinch out in pain. But the more focused you were on helping Jimin with his cuts, the less you noticed Yoongis pained facial expression.
But someone did.
Your best friend.
She walked over to where Yoongi was sitting and whispered, shes really adorable isnt she?
Huh? What. Yeah, the fridge looks nice.
Hey dont play sly. Come here a bit away from them. (Y/N) is trying to thank Jimin for saving her. They need some time alone.
No. I need to-
Wait I have something for you to see if you come here. Its (Y/N)s phone. Didnt you ask to see who her bias was before she ran out to the store?
His eyes glanced at you and then quickly moved away from you guys to see what your best friend could offer him.
Oh. I forgot. I cant show you what I want unless I get to meet Jungkook. I mean he is my bias.
Yeah. Sure. So what could you show me that is worth getting you to meet Jungkook?
(Y/N)s home screen is her bias. Shes been teased for it for a while but shes never changed it. Hes a really special guy for her.
He is a special guy.
Show me then. Ill let you meet Jungkook.
Your best friend peered over to make sure you were too involved with Jimin. She unlocked your phone and stared at it in disbelief. You had changed your bias. This had been your first time. It shouldnt have been a problem. Except it was.
Becuase the person who was on your home screen now wasnt Yoongi.
It was the guy who you were laughing with.
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