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Nakama Talk: What Anime Have You Dropped?
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@BlackoutZJ that's an interesting opinion. o.o Gon seems extremely different from Naruto 2 me. Idk about Goku tho, since I never watched his show.
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@AtisutoMeru The rip off the super Saiyan Aura for their Nen thing
a year ago·Reply
@BlackoutZJ I see. Idk what the Saiyan Aura is, but I suppose it must be pretty similar. Tho I personally don't rly mind if the powers r a rip off if they make the story as a whole good.
a year ago·Reply
I haven't completely dropped it but it's just taking me forever to finish but Deathnote XD
a year ago·Reply
Sword Art Online. I'm not saying it was a bad anime or anything, it just wasn't for me.
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