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Hey all! After a few people asked me recently where I bought my makeup, I thought it'd be fun to share & compare where we tend to pick up our goodies!!
For me, I pick up some products at Ulta or Macy's if I have coupons to spend, otherwise I usually get everything off of makeup exchange boards (the most trustworthy one being the makeupexchange subreddit). Other than that, I sometimes by from Hautelook, which occasionally has AWESOME deals on products!!

Where do you buy makeup & beauty products?

Let's discuss in the comments ^-^
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@primodiva93 @cindystran @MyAffairWith all great places!! @BrittMonnat i totally forgot wegmans, wow! lol
yeah wegmans is my one stop shop for just about anything these days. they have everything, even makeup brush kits
@BrittMonnat That's awesome!! I honestly haven't been to a wegmans in years as we dont really have them where i'm usually living haha
I usually just just text my grandmother things that I want and they mail it me.. or I'll just get from the drug store or ulta