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Good or Gross: Cuy (Guinea Pig)
Last week I asked you guys if you'd ever try chapulines (which is fried and seasoned grasshopper).
Here are the results:
Good - 5
Gross - 8

Looks like most of you think this is gross. However, it also looks like a lot of you have already tried these fried snacks, or are willing to try them!


What do you think about cuy?

As mentioned above, cuy is cooked guinea pig. It is a common Andean staple eaten throughout Peru and Ecuador, and in parts of Bolivia and Argentina.
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I do like to try new foods. I'd give this one a try.
a year ago·Reply
@alywoah Same here. Our house was full of different pets: hamsters, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish, dogs and guinea pigs. All at the same time.
a year ago·Reply
Ick that's nasty
a year ago·Reply
I wouldn't mind trying it
a year ago·Reply
I've had cuy several times in Peru and it was delicious!
a year ago·Reply