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Ladies, it's prom season.

Which means there are several young women who have recently purchased or are currently purchasing the dress of their dreams. Besides a woman's wedding day, her prom is one of the days where she puts extreme effort into her appearance. While the total look plays a major role, the dress is literally the icing on the cake. Without the dress, you're just another girl with a face of makeup.
Whether you're currently attending prom this year or you attended your prom one decade ago, the fashion community is putting you up to the prom dress challenge. Are you down? If so, keep scrolling to see the rules below.

Rules For The Prom Dress Challenge:

Create a card and add the criteria below.
Post a picture of you in your prom dress [past or present]
Make sure you write the year you attended prom
Did you and/or do you have a date?
If you attended prom years ago, would you still wear you dress again if you had the opportunity?
Are you ready to be crowned?
Let's go!
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Can't wait to see yours @TessStevens
Looking forward to yours as well :) @stephosorio
and @MichelleHolly looked absolutely gorgeous in her prom dress :)
Thank you, @jordanhamilton!!
You're very welcome!! @MichelleHolly