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Hello and welcome to Who's That Pokemon: Contest 7! For those who don't know what this is, its where I give you a chance to pick a Pokemon from the list I give you If its a Pokemon that you pick but wasn't on the list I gave you, it will not count.
The Pokemon's name that is mention the most will get picked for Monday's Who's that Pokemon. I also pick other Pokemon during the week from this contest, I use that to help me learn more Pokemon because I don't know all the Pokemon out there, so getting the chance to look up the Pokemon you give me helps me a lot. Without further a due lets get started
Today on this list You will be picking in the section

Adventures in the Orange Islands

Good luck!

If you're new FANTASTIC! Glad you can join us!
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pink rhyhorn
crystal onix
it's Gastly, photographed with flash of course