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Big Bang has become bigger. Congratulations Big Bang for getting second place. 2nd place omg. They have beaten the odds. I am so happy for them. Here is the link.
Here are the songs from the made album.
Here are the mv from the Still Alive album
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@kpopINT I figured that's exactly what it I said corporate America. Of course they don't want to advertise kpop in any way. If it became widely popular in the US they would have to share their profits with the Korean companies..and since $$ control the media (including Time), it doesn't matter what the people think. The only way to spread kpop here is through people like us through social media and word of mouth. If we continue to buy the music, go to concerts, wear the merchandise, and "convert " people when possible, then we're helping. We also can make noise when crap like this happens.
i just went to go check the names and Big Bang despite being number two was not on the list at all. i counted and there was only 99 names!!!馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨
then why even make it available at all? why put it up and let us vote? it's just so dumb
@deilig @Ticasensei @JamiMilsap I understand your anger and yes I agree that we must spread iy
Congrats to my Oppas!!!!