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Who does our community love the most?

This is inspired by a project that @OGv6FATE was working on to discover which characters the Vingle community loves the most. It isn't about abilities- just who you like the most! And this week is a special week! You can bring back ONE character we've already voted off!!!
Comment below with your favorite
I'll tally them and share the result next week
Once we've done a few we'll compare the winners for the ultimate Vingle fave!!!
I'm thinking whoever it is should be the community mascot ^_^

Here are this week's options:

Black Cat
Jean Grey

Last week's winner: Professor X!

And just so everyone knows, we're getting closer to the end of the list, so if your favorite character hasn't appeared yet please let me know! I'll make sure that we include them. Once we reach the end of the list we'll start the final round!
@SarahRegulski is Jarvelous
I agree with @OGv6FATE to bring Doom back. He's also right about Jarvis being the best Mascot candidate.
@JimTurpen you better believe I am lol. And Jarvis is awesome!
Who is a better mascot than Jarvis? Jarvis supporting from the sidelines! Jarvis at every game! Jarvis with a British accent (very important in cricket. Probably.) Jarvis, wingman extraordinar to a Stark or two! and... Jarvis can dunk, everyone. *Without* radioactive blood. Spider-Who?
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