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Sehun POV:- Sehun...hurry up! you don't want to be late on your first day, hyun Suho popped in my room. Yep, he's the ever worrying mama in our EXO family. 'I'm almost done, be down in a bit' I replied. As much as I was excited, I kinda envy my roomie hyun Kris who was still snoring softly lost in oblivion. School means, early wake ups, assignments, exams etc etc. Ahhh...well guess I need to make the most of it while I can. I'm not gonna have this opportunity once I graduate which is about 6 months from now. With our comeback following right after, my life will be just a series of shows, hoping from one place to another. Not that I'm complaining, this is what I always wanted but I will certainly miss the little things in life a normal person get to enjoy. I sighed as all these thoughts run through my head. I hurried down, said goodbyes to the boys.  As I run out, I heard Chen called out 'Wait up kiddo, you forgot your lunch' I stop at my track & waited for him to catch up. He handed me my lunch pack & said 'Well, good luck & work hard. Don't go breaking hearts k' he winked & walk inside. Yeah right! I laughed & got inside the car. As the car drive up towards the school....I saw a number of students with their clique strolling towards the school. Right when I was about to turn on my Ipod I heard a loud carefree laugh followed by giggling. Curiously, I look out to see the source...there she was, slim feminine built except for her spunky short hairdo which gives out all mischievous vibes. Her friend seems to be a total opposite. Long hair, very soft features & lovely smile. I look at the spunky girl & realized she really had a nice smile too. There was something about her that strike me & I couldn't placed it. I realized I was staring at them, thankfully I was inside the car so they didn't notice me. As I drove pass them I couldn't help but turn back & watch them again....I laughed as I saw Spunky do some dramatic facial impression at her friend. She sure is an interesting character I thought to myself & smiled. Looks like my time here isn't going to be so bad after all. As I reached the gate...I took a deep breath & got out. Of course! many girls recognized me. They came rushing towards me asking 'Oppa are you really gonna be studying at our school?? Which class are you? Can we take a pic with you? Have lunch with us?....' I got used to all this attention since EXO debut. So I just smiled at them said thank you...answered some questions, took some pics with them & ask them if they could show me the way to principle's office. The excited bunch showed me the way while each one of them pulling & pushing trying to get closest to me. I smiled inwardly as I strolled towards the office. As I reached the office & just when I was about to knock, the door flunked open & I bump right into someone. I heard a sorry muttered, I look down & saw Spunky pissed off & red. I was about to say sorry back but I couldn't get to it fast enough. Honestly I was a little shocked to see her. She glared at me. I saw a recognition in her eyes but that was quickly replaced by some kind of anger. She pushed pass me murmuring something which I have a strong suspicion it was some cuzzing tho' I couldn't make out exactly. I shrugged & walked inside. Principle D was all smiles & welcoming. Saying it was an honor to have me here in the school & blah blah. I was feeling a little awkward with all the attention from him until he told me his little girl was a huge fan of EXO. No wonder I thought to myself, works for me I mused. So, I gave him my best smile as I bowed & thank him for the welcome and assured him I will work hard. After giving some run through of the school guidelines, he accompanied me to my class & made the introduction. I said my hellos, bowed & as I looked up...I couldn't believe my eyes, SPUNKY was in my class!! SENAI POV:- THUP!!! What the....! I look up to see which unfortunate soul just bump into me coz they sure pick the wrong timing. As my vision registered the face, my thoughts took a 360 degree turn...OMG OMG OMG! isn't this Sehun from EXO....the rainbow-ed haired stud I have a super crush on! Holy sizzling cheese, my mind must be messed up right now. I was hyper-venting inside & momentarily forgot my not-so-happy episode with Principle D. I shook my head..get a grip lady! I mentally nagged myself. I was lost for words but quickly recovered & muttered 'Sorry' I was about to smile when I saw the Smirk...What! did he just smirked! my inner hulk began to surface....when you head bang into someone, you apologize not goddamn smirked I fumed silently. I pushed pass him before I say something inappropriate at his face. Definitely, no the way I pictured to meet the crush of my life I cuzz & purposedly strike towards the class. As I entered the class, there was some real buzzing going on. All the girls were talking excitingly going OOoooh Aaahhh over some topic. I turn to Lee & she too had that crazy-you're-not-gonna-believe kind of smile on her face. The moment I reached our desk, she jumped in, 'Guesssssssss who joined our school today?????' I was lost for a moment & ask WHO? She was literally spazzing, "Your one & only RAINBOW PRINCE!!!!" Only then I realized what she was saying.... 'Pipe-down will ya!' I pulled her down to sit. 'Remember its our secret & I don't plan on unveiling anytime soon'. Lee was totally confused over my reaction. 'What the hell is wrong with you? Shouldn't you be on cloud no.9 right now & thanking heaven for tossing this piece of news???? Besides, I didn't say his name so, no one knows your secret k. I can't believe you're calm right now she hissed. I looked at her & said 'ok ok....I am...actually I WAS!!' I bumped into him before I came to class I shrugged. Lee jaw dropped... What!!! then what's with that punched-face?? she asked. I narrated the whole incident to her, I can't believe he didn't even apologized!! He freaking smirked at me....can you believe that!!?? Seriously, you should have seen his face...if it was any other guy I would have put him in his place I blasted. 'Ok Ok cool down Hulk! You're pretty much upset with principle episode & RP attitude didn't help it. I'm sure he didn't realized the gravity of the situation. Remember, you like him, your Rainbow Prince' she cooed. You can't really be upset can you? I mean when the love of your life..(WAIT WHAT!! did I just say LOVE!! woohoooh...back up there now missy!! I stand corrected...its Crush, just CRUSH phew!!) Ok can you stay mad when the Crush who you secretly fantasize appears right in front of you in freaking real life right!!! So yeah, I cool down & started our spazzzz talk about EXO. We were so lost in our excitement, we didn't realized who came in our class until Principle D voice boomed our ears. Startled, I looked up only to meet the eyes of Rainbow Prince who SMIRK at me AGAIN!!!!!! thereby successfully triggering my inner hulk. That's it my Rainbow Prince has officially turn out to be a first-class JERK, a really good looking one I moaned...grrrrrrrr Author note: Not really where it's going now... but yeah.. Hope u enjoyed this short update. Thanks for sticking around and checking my story. Don't forget to click that LIKE button of u liked the story. Do comment your thoughts. Thanks Yeorobeon!!
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