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It's the freakin' weekend.

You know what that means, date night -- possibly? It also means, yet another fashion challenge. Whether you're headed out to grab dinner with your guy or your girls, dressing the part is super important. Having to go home and change from your work clothes can be time consuming and exhausting.
Trust me, I'm the type of person who will go home and end up staying home. In order to not chance things, you can easily wear something to work that can transition into a date night fit with a few small changes. Whether you throw on a necklace or change from your flats to a pair of pumps, it can easily make or break your look. Keep scrolling to see how you can participate in this fun and fashion friendly challenge below.

Rules Of The Day to Night Date Look Challenge:

Put together an outfit the night before
Make sure it is work friendly
Make sure it's something you can transition into nightwear
Grab your favorite heels or necklace
Pop of color for the lip or anything to bring your look to life
Post a card wearing your outfit showing your day look and your night look
Explain what you did to make the look transitional
The best look wins
You can post your look between today and next week
*if you prefer to create your look via a site like polyvore. you are more than welcome*
Deadline: Next Friday, April 29

You have one entire week to get your look together.

Are you ready for the challenge?
Yes! I love challenges like this. I definitely am excited to debut my new shoes!!!
perfect!!!! :) can't wait @hikaymm
Yes! I will try this, too :)
I second that!!! @cindystran
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