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If anyone is willing, I am in desperate need of a reviewer for this project!!!! It will be a Vixx Angst fiction and will have multiple chapters. It's far from completed yet, but I am looking for someone who is willing to read it through and give me there thoughts as I finish writing the story. If anyone is interested please message me and we will work out a way for me to send you a copy. Please and thank you!!! I have no where else to look and I would really like some opinions! [There was originally a poster for this project shown, however I'm having technical difficulties. The picture will be up as soon as possible :) ]
I love reading fics....probably more than I should admit... (slinks back into corner)
he doesn't know what to do.
@goinnutz22 alright, thank you!
not sure....will see what my son says... (computer genius)
@goinnutz22 So, slight issue. It appears I can't get onto the site with the way my phone and computer system is currently set up. 馃榿 Is there any other way that you think we might be able to? I do have this is a word document format if that helps any.
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