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We're here to help!!!

When I first started Vingling, I kind of didn't know what to do. Comment on stuff? Share links? Use it to save images for later? I was confused. And now I know I wasn't alone! I took the dive and just started doing stuff, and other Vinglers were kind enough to help me out! So now I want to pay it forward!

Here are a few of my favorite card-making guides!

I made this one ---> HERE
@danidee made this really helpful one ---> HERE
And @kpopandkimchi 's card was the one I used when I first started ---> HERE
I try to keep up with new features and clip any new guides that are posted in my How To Vingle Collection ---> HERE

You can also ask for help!

A lot of communities have moderators and they're always happy to help! A mod or supporter probably said hello or welcomed you, and you can find out who they all are when you go to the community pages! In short: If you need help PLEASE talk to us! We love you.

Keep it weird!