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A dress or blue jeans? Since he’s admitted that he likes you in both, Moonie finds the perfect solution in Jak’s closet. A blue jean dress that shows off your curves but isn’t ‘dressy’, so it doesn’t matter where he takes you.
Your stomach is in knots, which is worse? Misunderstood Kyungil or attentive Kyungil? You realize that he is attentive in both aspects, the question is; can you hold out against sexy Kyungil?
He knocks on your door right at 5. You take a few deep breaths and make yourself walk slowly to the door. You don’t want to alert him that you’ve been sitting here completely ready and waiting in anticipation.
The look on his face when you open the door is totally worth all those moments of nervous excitement.
“Damn the fact I made reservations.”
You grab your bag and look at him questioningly, “Why is that bad?”
“Because I found something else I want to eat.”
You blush as he leans down to kiss your neck, “#10 definitely not skinny”.
You look up ready to be offended again when you see the fire in his eyes and realize, he is appreciating your curves.
He takes your hand and heads down the hall,
“We need to get out of here, if you keep looking at me that way all my good intentions will evaporate.”
He pulls up to the restaurant, Dominic’s. Once you’re seated and handed a menu, you catch him staring.
“What are you having?”
“I don’t know, are you reading the menu to me?”
He grins and motions for you to open it. He chuckles at the look of delight on your face as you see everything in English.
“This is an American restaurant?”
A devilish glint sparks his eyes, “I’ve seen you use chopsticks.”
You open your mouth in mock shock, “Rude.”
But the two of you start laughing as you say, “Thank you.”
“Anything for my girl.” He whispers as he puts the menu in front of his face.
You peek over your own; did he just say what you think he said? You sit up a little taller, and hold the menu up to cover the pleased little smile on your face.
The waiter brings your large bacon cheeseburger with fries and Kyungil starts laughing. “What?” you ask innocently.
You look down at the identical dinner plates and shrug, “I don’t have Jak’s metabolism but I’m starving.”
“I want to see you eat all that,” he smirks.
“Ready?” you grab your burger with two hands and take a big bite.
Just to spite him you over dramatize your “mmm, delicious”.
He leans over and wipes the ketchup from your chin with his thumb. He licks it off and just watches you eat for a minute.
“I like a girl with an appetite; I’ve never understood how Jak ate so much. Eat it all; you’re going to need that extra energy.”
You choke on the bite you were trying to swallow and quickly take a drink of soda. He just smiles while he starts devouring his own meal.
As you leave the restaurant you sigh, “That was so good. Thank you, I finally feel like I’ve eaten since being here.”
He leans over and kisses the top of your head, “Thank you for joining me.”
“It’s so beautiful out here, we should go for a walk; work some of that off.”
You turn to look at him and quickly add, “Unless you have somewhere else for us to be?”
He smiles, takes your hand and heads off down the sidewalk.
The two of you end up just circling the block before he leads you back to his car.
“Walk finished, I have other plans for that energy.”
You bite your lip nervously at his comment which has him closing his eyes and shaking his head.
“We were going to go dancing, I want my hands on you and you aren’t ready for what’s going through my mind or yours at the moment.”
He reaches over and pulls your lip free of your teeth, “Getting my hands on you at the moment isn't the best idea. I’m afraid we might make a scene at the club.”
“ where we headed?”
“Back to your place.”
You can’t help but laugh, “Because that’s safer?”
“Not at all. Because that way we won’t make a scene.”
As the two of you enter your apartment you can’t figure out if you’re nervous or if those butterflies are for anticipation. You put your bag down and ask,
“Are you thirsty? Want something to drink?”
You can feel that he’s come up behind you; he moves your hair out of the way and bites your shoulder. Goosebumps spread down your arms as he whispers,
“Still hungry. But I’ll take a drink.”
With that he turns you in his arms, backs you up to the fridge and takes your mouth with his.
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Kyungil and Yijeong battle for bias all the time... today Kyungil is winning XD
why aren't American guys like that? smh
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