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One of the commandments is "Thy shalt not steal."
It doesn't say stealing one thing is less important than another, the sentence is crystal clear. Do the crime, pay the time.
I guess Cody Morris missed that sermon, as the young man was at McDonald’s with his two friends when they had the brilliant idea to order water in the drive-thru. Then they rolled into the restaurant, dumped the water out and proceed to fill their cups with purloined soda water.
The manager, who was either done with shenanigans or just really wanted to save these guys’ health, immediately called the cops and reported a robbery.
If that wasn't enough, the kid started hitting people with his car.
From Eater:
"Morris’s two friends returned their drinks, but he wasn’t going down without a fight: He fled with his beverage and, according to police, “hit the manager twice with his car when the man tried to block his escape.” His vehicle was later found parked outside a nearby bowling alley, where he was apprehended and charged with felony robbery; he was soon released on $2,500 bond, which is coincidentally the cost of about 1,700 large sodas at McDonald’s."

Isn't this the craziest story you have heard in awhile? All of this over a cup of sweet tea?

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