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Now, I haven't really been keeping up with Persona 5 and the news that has come out about it because I want to go into the game knowing nothing. So, all I really know is that the cast of characters are made up of high-school kids who apparently also participate in the extracurricular activity of stealing things.
One of my favorite things about the Persona series is that it's basically like an anime that you get to participate in. That being said, I've been really excited for this game every since I saw that first trailer so when their official website suddenly had this countdown clock on it, I was confused.
"Take Your Heart". What could that mean? And what is this counting down to? If you do the math (like Polygon did) then you'll know that the clock is counting down to May 5th. Could that mean a release date? Who knows? I'm really intrigued at what the meaning behind this is and part of me really hopes that it's announcing a release date.
I guess we'll find out on May 5th right?
I left the trailer for the game for you below if you want to see it in action.