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Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham. What do they have in common?
The two are former college basketball players that successfully jumped from NCAA College Basketball into the NFL.
Today, Hank Gathers from Baylor is the latest player to make the jump.
"I was just to the point where I want to go back and do what I really love doing. Because football is my first passion," Gathers said. "I'm real passionate about what I'm doing, and I just want to make sure I dial in and give it my all."
Gathers has been learning how to run routes all over again under the helpful direction of his regular throwing partner, NFL quarterback Matt Flynn.
It's hard to jump back into a sport, but Gathers has a solid and successful background in football. With the success of other basketball players to the NFL, it's simply a speed issue.
I think Gathers will get a shot. He may get nabbed in the 6th or 7th round with good workouts, but worse case a free agent call. Then it's up to him to prove he can produce.
Do you see this trend slowing down or picking up?
If I were him I would rather choose basketball over football
Incredible how these athletes can excel in two different sports