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With each idol who debuts, it takes some time for them to pick a stage name, and they may change it multiple times. Here are 11 idols who we all love and what their names could have been.
Leeteuk from SuJu: Kang Soo
Kyuhyun from SuJu: Gwee Hyun (Which means 'Distinguished Person')
T.O.P from Big Bang: Mark
Taeyang from Big Bang (kinda rhymes, lol): Taekwon
Daesung from Big Bang: Big Castle
Kangin from SuJu: Woongdam (meaning bear's gallbladder)
Shindong from SuJu: Udon
HyunA from 4Minute: Mint
Sungjae from BtoB: Ryu
Seungri from Big Bang: Sonic
Junjin from Shinhwa: Lee Gi Go (meaning winning)

Which one surprised you the most? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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TOP should not be a mark
omfg "Big Castle" I'm dying
NO. I can't see anyone not having their names!! And supposedly Jungkook's stage name was supposed to be......seagull. Yes. You read it right. S-E-A-G-U-L-L. πŸ˜‚
HyunA as Mint would have been really cute. lol.
How do they come up with those and change it to something completely different?😧
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