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I decided to try something new and keep a constant update since I seem to be really bad at doing cards...and keeping up with people who tag me (because a lot accumulated over the month I was gone /.\ ) So, I'm sharing a Kyuhyun MV every Friday...and maybe do a Super Junior version every Saturday...because they all still need a bit of love :)
Now, I think it's only proper to start off with his solo debut song, "At Gwanghwamun". If you haven't heard this song...well, it's a beautiful masterpiece. There's just something about it that makes you feel warm inside, despite it's quite sad lyrics.
If you would liked to be tagged, let me know in the comments... Or if you want to suggest a song, also let me know in the comments... *insert BTS' Let Me Know*
@vicky1990 I'll add you on ^^
tag mi plz
@sukkyongwanser and @ MrsKyuhyunCho will do! :)
if you could tag me as well 😊
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