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Quick note: I have so many ideas about other Fanfictions but I'm going to finish this first so that I don't leave it unfinished. That's that now enjoy...
It had been a few weeks now since the press started writing gossip stories about you and BamBam. It was funny that no one else can caught on to what was really happening. BTS and Got7 worked quite closely but not enough for anyone to suspect anything. Even their comebacks were at a similar time. Whenever BTS were performing, Got7 soon followed. Except, today you were going to MAMA and you were forced to sit with Got7. However, BTS were the table next to you meaning that directly behind you would be where Jungkook was sitting. The only person who knew the truth behind your relationships was a close friend of yours who just so happened to be a reporter. Her name was Amelie and she was really nice towards both boy groups. You were standing backstage while Got7 were about to go on (as BTS were practicing their performance for later) when Amelie decided to take some photos of you and BamBam. You weren't wearing any thing fancy which made the photos look casual. The photos were of you laughing at his antics and she applauded you two for your acting. You and BamBam were close by now, but only as close as Jungkook would allow you two to be. A voice came across the over head speakers "Got7 to the stage" He said his goodbyes and walked off to join his fellow band members. Meanwhile Jungkook had just finished practise, he looked completely drained of energy and so you ran up to him and gave him a much deserved hug.
JUNGKOOK's POV: He had just finished practising the boys' performance of Run/Young Forever and saw you eagerly standing by the stage. You ran up to him and embraced him. 'Right now, this is the best thing for me' he thought. Although he was constantly jealous over how much time BamBam was spending with you, he was glad when moments like this happened where he was sure that you were completely his. He didn't like how BTS and Got7 had to constantly be together in order to get you by his side. It's not that he didn't like the boys, they were all friends, he just wasn't overly keen on how close they all were getting with you. He didn't want you to favour their group over his and he certainly didn't want you to favour BamBam over him. "You alright?" He asked, still a little breathless from the rehearsal. "Yh, I'm fine" she replied, "you on the other hand need some rest!" You had always been comforting to him since you met, he had always loved that about you. You aided him to the boys' changing rooms and placed him down on the nearest sofa. He wasn't in pain but the tiredness had certainly affected him in a similar way. He watched as you went over to the sink at the other side of the room and noticed the casual clothes you were in. 'She even looks good in the baggy-est of clothes' this made him grin, luckily you didn't notice.
YOUR POV: You walked back over with a soothing drink that was sure to give Kookie enough energy for the rest of the day. You watched as he rapidly drank from the cup. "A bit thirsty then?" You asked jokingly. Eventually when he had finished the drink he replied to your comment, "yeah you could say that" There was a pause until he broke the ice, "so h-how are you and... BamBam doing?" Why was he asking you? He knew you didn't love him in that way and that the only person you looked at like that was Kookie. Confusion filled your face. Yet, at the same time you seemed a bit angry for some unknown reason. "Fine I guess, ask him, he's more up to date with the media than I am" You could sense that he was a little hurt but still you weren't sure why he was bringing this up now. "It's just... There's this rumour that you are cheating on him" "What?" "Yeah someone came up with a stupid conspiracy theory that you only dated BamBam to get to another member" The whole idea was crazy. What worried you more was that this may have not been the first time that Kookie read articles and rumours about you and BamBam. Was he seriously jealous? "Kookie, it's just a rumour, what does it matter?" "It could break up the whole ploy to keep our relationship secret!" Your sudden outburst surprised him, "what does it matter anymore? The fans of got7 appreciate me and BamBam dating and they would still respect me even if I wasn't 'dating' a got7 member. If they are so respectful then what is keeping us from hiding the truth? Surely ARMYs will react with the same respect, so why has it taken so many weeks for us to go public?"
He was silenced. He seemed to be taking in everything you had just said. "I don't know." "What?" "I DON'T KNOW!" He was now shouting, "the companies both seem fine with it, the fans would seem fine with it, the media can cope with it. I- I I'm just ..." You noticed that tears began to form in the corner of his eyes. You'd never seen him in this state, he looked (almost) unstable. The words eventually came out of his mouth... "I'm scared ok. I'm scared of what others will think. I'm not like BamBam, I can't make things look better then they might be, I'm one of the most pathetic shy-est guys that KPop has ever seen" This set him off crying. Immediately, you embraced him and tried to calm him down. "Kookie, nothing bad is going to happen. You're a great guy, for christ's sake you're the golden maknae." He finished crying just before the rest of BTS strolled in. It was Taehyung to be the one to tease him about his outburst. Maybe it was time to stop the false story and tell the real one of Y/N and Jungkook. Once the boys were settled, you suggested the idea to them. They all agreed that maybe it had been taken too far. At least it was the first step towards uncovering the truth. It was now an hour until the MAMA awards show started. You were sent off back to your own dorm in order to get ready with the girls. You had personal stylists that were doing your hair and makeup.
Your stylist picked out this dress for you and you were happy to put it on. It wasn't like the dresses that the other members wore...
1st - Tammy's 2nd - Zara's 3rd - Luna's
You were in a limo with the rest of the members when you realised that you still had to pretend to be BamBam's girlfriend. You got to the venue and cameras surrounded you. Tammy seemed like she was the most natural in front of the cameras and the rest of you ended up waiting for her before you could get into the venue. Once inside, you noticed how many people were there. You took note of all the idols there. Big Bang, 4Minute, Vixx, Seventeen, Girl's Generation. You started to take note of all the groups. It was a big night, big awards, big groups. It made you think about how your group could ever gain such a big fan base. The idea of promotions was starting to stress you out. At least you had tonight, tonight was going to be one of the last nights to relax before your life became hectic.
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