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Ch. 1 -Spot the Mysterious-

The towering frame of a young man shuffled down a dimly-lit, flickering-with-light corridor... In one hand, he held a lighter- in the other, a pack of cigarettes. His eyes were worn- black circles hanging under his pale-green orbs... At the end of the corridor, he popped a cigar into his mouth and lit it- breathing a tremendous amount of smoke afterward. The sound of scampering feet alerting him caused the man to drop the pack of cancer-sticks... "H-hello?..." He called out after a few uneasy coughs. A voice resonated off the walls... the sound sort of replicating a cruel, malicious laugh. The man's lighter lit up with a flickering flame... he gazed around himself- only now noticing that the walls of this place had dried blood... dried blood and damaged walls... specks and groups of insulation lie here and there... and broken planks of wood- as well as shredded pieces of newspaper- scattered the ground as well. The man let out a startled cry at what hung on the wall next to him... the mutilated corpse of a young woman... One of her eyes was missing- torn out by the root.... one of her arms was cut up to the point where it was beyond recognition... and...
The man gulped as his gaze moved upward, his heart-rate picking up speed as he began trembling all over... right above her... were the words, 'Go To Sleep!' Something touched his arm... he turned quickly to the right and leaped back- away from what he saw... A teen with a knife... and his face? Well... it seemed as if it had a leathery texture to it... but that wasn't the worst part... the worst part was... as the boy lifted his head up slowly... he had deep, ugly-looking cuts climbing from the edges of his lips, up to the sides of his jaw-lines... "Go... To.... SLEEP!" The boy shouted before lunging at the man...
A young detective slammed a newspaper on her desk and let out a growl, "Chief, I insist you let me take part in this case! None of you have enough courage to- as least I do!" A man sitting across from her narrowed his eyes while his hands crossed over his chest. "Sherlock, I decline your offer. This is a very dangerous case to take part in... none of us would want to lose you in it." The girl scowled while risking a glance over to a man beside her... his hair was a dusty brown with black at the tips, and his eyes were bi-color- one brown and one green. "Silver, tell him how long I've been waiting to work on another case!" She ordered. The man nodded and pulled out a calculator... both the female detective and the chief waited for the man...
Finally, the one called Silver looked up and spoke, "Sherlock has been waiting precisely a year, three months, and 21 days." The chief sighed and placed a hand to his head- pondering... 'Would I really let the best detective in this country go out and kill herself?' He thought. Finally, after some time, the chief lifted his head. "I'm going to get my badge ripped off for this.... but you're hired." The female let out a gasp of excitement. "I won't let you down, chief!" She cried out with joy as she was gathering up the needed supplies to take a trip over to the building. She threw on her coat and walked out the door with Silver following behind. The chief- whom was left behind- let out a sigh and murmured aloud, "What did I do?...."
"Silver, pay attention to the gashes!" Sherlock scolded and pointed down at the body of a tall, young man. He had cuts and gashes all over him- blood leaking through his shirt as well as his clothes being half-burned... His face looked no better... his eye-lids were burned off- leaving a trail of dried tears down his face... and his cheeks had thin, long cuts running from the edges of his lips, up to the edge of his jaw-lines. Silver hummed from the back of his throat, "Something lies within this... I know not what it might be, but I don't like it..." Sherlock rolled her eyes and nudged her buddy, "C'mon, Silv! Who would like murder?... Pay closer attention! What kind of knife was it that cut him?..." The man pondered for a few moments before inquiring, "A bowie?" Sherlock shook her head and sighed, "You're not concentrating... the right answer was an SOG Seal Knife..." Silver dipped his head with shame, "Sorry... I'm just so distracted from worrying about my father... you know how he's in the hospital, right?..." The female nodded... she had picked up word from Silver's family that his dad had been sent to the hospital from being stabbed in the back while he was in a deep slumber... 'Bad way to die...' The girl thought with a wince before getting back to business...
Soon- as she was examining the body- she found some sort of ash near the body. "Spot, I don't think that's-..." Silver was too late to warn her... The female detective now licked her finger and scooped some ash onto it before giving it a good sniff. "The guy had a cigarette addiction..." She mumbled and wiped the ash onto the ground. Silver took a cursory glance to the papers in his hand- that of which contained information. "The body was found empty-handed... there's nothing on him except for blood and dirt..." Spot scoffed and crossed her arms, "Lazy cops... I KNOW they didn't check around the body... does it say anything about the words 'Go To Sleep'?" Silver shook his head, "Where do you see it, then? I'll take a photograph." Spot pointed to the wall, where the body of a young, mutilated girl hung on it... Silver clenched his mouth shut and took the picture quickly. He didn't like seeing blood... but he liked being with Spot- his best friend since birth... Sherlock sighed and stood up, "We should probably-" She was going to finish her sentence, but a deep, malicious laugh echoed around. She reached into her back-pocket and pulled out an S&W 640- as Silver did the same with an MC27. She stepped a few paces forward- her gun at the ready and her eyes narrowed slightly. "Come out now.. or we will shoot!" She growled. A few moments of silence came afterward- followed by harsh whispering and a thick layer of what sounded like TV static. Her assistant covered his ears and yelled to her, "We have to get out of here, Spot!" With a nod of approval, they both turned and ran... If they would have looked back, they would've seen the almost tree-like human that watched them leave...
Once Silver was sure they had driven far enough away from the scene, he pulled into a parking garage and looked to Spot. Her eyes were blank- no fear.... no anger... He jerked his head with confusion, but let it be and sighed, "What now?... Do we wait it out?..." The girl inhaled to calm her unsteady nerves before nodding, "I think that would be best... we need to see whoever that person is and/or interrogate him..." Silver pulled on a lever and leaned back in the driver's seat while looking at the work they collected. "What have we so far?" Spot's voice shook him from his thoughts. He reached a hand over his head as his gaze traveled out the window. "We know that he was a cigarette addict, he was murdered with an.... 'SNG'?-" "SOG Seal Knife, yes... continue." Spot corrected him with a sly smirk. Silver rolled his bi-color eyes and continued, "And... the murderer's signature is 'Go To Sleep'...

-End Ch. 1-

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