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Hey Nakama!
I haven't done an Anime VS Battle for a long time, so I thought I should make another one here! If you don't know the drill, just comment who you would think would win in this fight.
There's no real right or wrong answers, so feel free to share opinions! Think about your answers and try to provide reasoning for them!

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro's Stand Star Platinum is one of the strongest stands in the series, possessing super human senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed, though only operates with 2-3 meters of JoJo.
Star Platinum is able to stop time to a limit of five seconds. Jotaro describes the execution of this ability as exhausting, and he requires a varying length of rest before he may freeze time again.
Star Platinum can forcefully extend his middle and index fingers to a length of one or two meters, allowing it to perform sneak attacks and stab opponents from afar.

Kei Nagai

As an Ajin, Kei is immortal and unable to be killed by any means. However, he can still be incapacitated and captured.
Kei can release a paralyzing scream that can stop people in their tracks around Kei, though it varies in efficacy.
Kei can release several black ghosts because of his high concentration of IBM in his body. Kei cannot always maintain perfect control over the ghosts, however, and they can act out against his will.
damn I don't know either one of these dude but this fight sounds like it would be epic. I'll come back after I watch a few episodes of ajin
Ok so I see everyone saying Jojo and SP but remember damage SP you damage Jojo and also Kei cant die andhe can control a number of Ajin with ease even though they go against his orders so in short SP vs Ajin = Ajin
@Animaniafreak But doesn't the black ghost have to be destroyed by another?
Saying SP is fast is an understatement. The stand would destroy anything in its radius before you knew what happened. And that's without stopping time.
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