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Hello everyone! I usually don't like to post about this kind of stuff because, well, I mean, who cares, right? But I'm extremely excited to play this game and I'm really pumped that I got picked at random to participate in the Closed Beta.
But what does that mean for you all? It could mean a bunch of things! Well, really two things. One of the things is a sure thing and the other thing is an unsure thing and that's where you guys come in.
So, come Monday after I spent a bunch of time playing this game, I'm most like 100% going to write a card about all my thoughts of the game and how it plays. I'll get to experience how they "locked out" certain abilities and I'll talk all about that whether it works or doesn't.

But the other thing.

I was thinking of streaming a couple of games this weekend. And if there are enough of you who are interested in that sort of thing, I'll make a card this weekend where I'll leave all the information so yo ucan watch me stream this game! So I'm tagging all of my buddies and hopefully you let me know before tomorrow so I can set everything up!