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We need more ladies in our chat that are ok being ship with someone we have nice bachelors that need someone XD lol I know weird card but hear me out and I'll introduce you to them lol (bare with me I'm not good on describing people)
First up Scott, an OC of Fairy tail, has a sword as a weapon but doesn't need to draw it at times and is a gentleman, a very nice man and is active in the morning/afternoon. (22)
Next Plue, a fun funny guy, and waits patiently for a ship, he's active at night/morning (27)
Third Gray, desperate to find his Juvia to care for (Edo Juvia is available, hint hint,) lol a real charmer and is active at random times of the day. (24)
Fourth Kbo, another OC but very powerful, he's been looking for someone to laugh with and loves sports. He's active at random times of the day. (19)
And last but not least Gildarts, the powerful Mage, he's been searching the lands for his ship will you be his? He's active at different times of the day. (19)
Lol I need help XD but I hope you join in our crazy family here's a list of whose taken, keep in mind Edo characters, OCs and characters from other animes/guild are allowed :3 Fairy Tail Characters that are NOT available. Lucy Natsu Gray Romeo Wendy Gajeel Carla Jellal Mystogan Levy Elfman Aries Gildarts Juvia Pantherlily Michelle Freed Bixslow Happy Lisanna Aquarius Plue Frosch Loke Acnologia Kinana Igneel Sting Rogue Lector Meredy Metallicana Cobra Mira Ichiya Ezra
We are located on an app called wechat it is available on all phones/pc/tablets, make an account and leave your wechat ID in the comments or look for me ID KiaraBri