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Ch. 19 -Family Meeting-

______________________ Spot flattened herself to the ground- maybe they would just pass by without seeing her? "Yo, Toby! Somethin's over here- I heard it!" Sherlock's heart fell as these words reached her ears. 'Alright...' She thought, 'They want a fight? They'll get one...' She kept her ears open and her eyes closed to heighten her senses. The footsteps wandered close to her hiding-spot... leather brushed against her hand... Using her instincts, she grabbed ahold of the foot, used all of her utmost strength, and tugged the person off their feet. "TOBY!!" The person bellowed loudly, "GET 'ER!" This was Spot's cue to leave... the detective stood to her feet and transitioned from a run, into a full-on sprint. The wind whipped past her face- the grass rushed past her as she raced among the overgrown green tendrils. A gunshot rang out behind her, and soon enough, she felt a searing pain in her leg. She looked down- hoping that she must've felt wrong... but much to her dismay, the side of her leg gushed blood. There was no bullet-wound, but the bullet had glazed her skin... Her pace slowed to a fast limp, she prayed that she wouldn't get caught... again, to her utmost sadness, she felt a harsh hand grab ahold of her upper arm. The girl whipped around and slammed a fist across the man's face- sending him stumbling backward into the tall grass. Her dark-blue eyes gazed around herself as she looked for anyone else causing trouble. Her eyes fell upon a man with dark brown hair covering one of his eyes. He also wore a pair of orange goggles over his eyes, and a mouth-guard over the lower half of his face. His attire didn't matter... what DID matter, however, was that he carried a can of spray-paint in one hand, and an old, rusty hatchet in the other. Spot finally came to her senses and pulled her gun out of its holster. "PUT THE TOOL DOWN, SIR!" She shouted with one eye squinted. The man stayed silent whilst continuing to travel towards her. He began to twirl the metal tool in his hand, his head cocking to the side slightly- as if he were testing the detective. Spot had to act fast.. she had to stop the blood from leaking out her leg before it was too late. She aimed her gun at the man and shot near him. In turn, he stumbled back and fell into the grass. 'Good,' She thought, 'I have time...' She ripped off one of her sleeves and tied it around her leg to stop the blood from gushing out. Her eyes caught the man beginning to stand up, so she stood herself up and aimed the gun at him. It seemed as if the man was in no rush to stand to his own feet... Maybe he was in no need to run, either? Ready to test the hypothesis, Sherlock turned around and ran among the tall grass. The man didn't follow- which amazed the detective. Nonetheless, she kept her mind focused on one thing: Finding the main road, and getting either to the pet-store, or home. Keeping Mickey safe was important... But then again, the girl had a blow-torch, and she knew how to use it... Spot finally came down to a conclusion: Get to Mickey, then run home... wherever home was... Spot passed a stop-sign and turned to the left- following a side-walk that lead out of the abandoned place. Her memory brightened a bit... everything seemed more and more familiar around her as she ran further and further away from the abandoned street. She was close to the pet-store, but exhaustion was creeping its way up her legs and into her heart. Sherlock glanced behind her only to gasp with surprise... the man with orange goggles was right on her heels- waving his hatchet above his head. A crazed expression snuck its way into the detective's eyes as she ran faster... but no matter what she did, she couldn't shake the man off. She thought she had lost all hope of returning home safely... until an idea suddenly flew into her head. She pulled out her gun and aimed it behind her while running. If he wouldn't back off, she would MAKE him back off! "PUT THE WEAPON DOWN AND CEASE MOVEMENT, SIR!" She shouted while looking behind her. The man said nothing and continued running towards her. "You brought this upon yourself!" She cried out and pulled the trigger- sending a .357 Magnum bullet into his chest. The man slowed quite a bit until he transitioned from a walk to a halt, where he bent over in pain. Spot continued running while putting her gun back into its holster. She didn't plan on stopping... and she was sure the man's face would be scarred into her memory... permanently..._____________ [Hey, guys! The author of the story here! This is important, so you might want to read this: I updated Scanned Felonies a bit due to lack of good plot, so you might want to read this story over again. As for the newcomers, this does not apply to you. That's all I have to say, guys! BAI!]_____________ "Mickey, it looks like we're going to have to run home..." Spot sighed from the now-fixed door of the pet-store. The detective had just calmed down from her near-death experience. Normally, she wouldn't have been so scared- this happened almost every day... but she recognized the man- which put her into deep shock. She knew the man from somewhere... she just couldn't put her finger on it... The younger girl packed up her tools into the little duffle-bag and stood to her feet whilst staring at Spot. "By the tone of your voice, something grave happened... I guess we should get home, then!" Spot put her finger up and lifted her cell-phone to her ear. "Calling Silver first..." The phone began to ring... Once... Twice.... "Hello? Spot? What's the matter?" Silver's obviously-worried voice echoed through the speaker of the phone before Spot answered, "Silver, get home now... I'll meet you there shortly... go inside and keep your gun at the ready until I arrive... our first 'family' meeting is about to take place..." A moment of silence on the other side seemed to last for a few moments before Silver murmured a 'Yes, Detective...' and hung up. Spot snatched ahold of Mickey's hand and ran outside with her hand hovering near her gun's holster. "Alright, Mickey," The female detective murmured with her eyes ahead of her, "Lets go... if anything tries to get us, don't hesitate to pull out whatever you can and chuck it..." The girl nodded. The brave, smart, female detective released Mikayla's hand and lightly shoved her forward. "Good luck!" She shouted after the girl as she broke into a run. Spot, herself, broke into a run- following Mickey with her gun unsheathed. She didn't want to take any chances of the poor girl getting hurt- she had already suffered enough in 12 years...________ Soon enough, the house came into sight- the door shut, no harm seemed to be inflicted onto the home. Sherlock sighed with relief. At least THAT was over... for the moment... Mikayla flung the door open and rushed inside- Spot followed right behind and shut the door behind her. "Spot, what's going on?" Silver kept asking questions, but the female wouldn't answer until she was sure everyone was safe. She plopped down, onto the couch, and grabbed the TV remote- pressing a button that activated a command on the TV. A red, blinking light coruscated the room while the sound of smoothly-grating iron echoed around them. The house was now dark- nothing but the flashing red light being enough to light each other's way. "Family. Meeting..." Spot growled in a stern, shaking voice.