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Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 21 -Spot the Fighter-

________________________ BEN winced. How had she found out about something he's never told ANYONE?! "So what if I hate that little annoying fly?" He growled lightly and stared menacingly at the girl. "You never liked Zelda." She threw the comment at him. BEN thought for a moment. He never knew that he hated Zelda until now. The girl knew more about him than he knew about HIMSELF! "How are you doing that?..." He questioned shakily while reaching behind him for his ocarina. "I just know, BEN..." She smiled kindly and sat down near him. The other detectives were too scared to follow her, but the fox from earlier trotted over to the female detective and sat down right beside her- keeping its light-blue eyes on the elf. "What do you have against me?..." BEN growled lightly. He didn't like the chill he was receiving up and down his spine. "I have nothing against you," Spot answered while taking off her hat, "You haven't done anything to harm me, yet." The elf-eared boy couldn't take it anymore... He tried one last time to blow into his ocarina. Finally, a sweet, alluring melody came out. Everyone in the room fell into a swaying daze as the music filled their ears. BEN grinned inside his head at this. He could see each and every one of their memories- appearing in a cloud-like substance. He turned his gaze over to Spot's memory-space, but his eyes widened in shock and a note shook on his ocarina. She stood there with a clouded pistol aimed at him. He knew it was only her memories fighting back, but the image still shocked him. He could do nothing to get into her head... Slender had ordered him to get into her head and figure out her past fears, but... she wouldn't let him! Her memory-figure moved its mouth, and he silently read her lips, repeating the words inside his head. 'I don't want to hurt you... but I will if you decide to find out my history...' BEN shivered and glitched a little- tiny, colorful pixels corrupted his figure for a split second. Finally, after a few moments of staring and playing, he removed his ocarina from his lips and bowed his head in shame. He heard the fox growl and felt fur brush his arm- signaling that the creature was attempting to surround it. He looked up, staring at the figure of the female head detective. Her eyes were narrowed. He guessed she was trying to figure out what to do with him. "You can't let him go, Spot!" He heard the bi-color-eyed male whisper. Spot sighed, "But what evidence do I have that can keep him in custody?" She replied and lowered her eyes to the vanilla carpet. "Go, BEN... before I change my mind... Leave." She warned. BEN's eyes widened before he lurched into action. He stood to his feet and half glitched, half ran to the TV and leaped in. He floated among the numerical and binary coding, panting as he tried to recover his senses of what had just occurred. "Oh, that's right..." He murmured, "I failed..." A moment of silence passed before he let himself pass through the TV screen, into his room. He knew Slender would hate to hear the news... but it had to be told._____ "Hey, BEN." Masky greeted the Link look-alike at the door to Slender's office. "Hey, Masky. I'm here to report to Slenderman." The masked 'Pasta nodded and moved out of the way for BEN. The bloody-eyed Creepypasta reached for the silver doorknob that blocked his way of the eagerly-awaiting faceless man and turned it to the right- hearing a click and opening the door. The master of the household was standing outside his office- standing on his beautiful balcony as he stared out at the dark landscape of the Creepypasta territory. "Slender?..." BEN's voice shook with fear as he addressed the overly-tall man- whom turned his head as he heard his name. "Ah, B[]N. I susp[]ct you've h[]d s[]ccess?" The shorter 'Pasta looked down at the dark-wooded floor with his hands behind his back as he spoke, "U-uhm... not quite the success you're thinking of..." He saw Slenderman's faceless features morph in confusion. "Wh[]t do you mean, BEN? Ple[]se, expla[]n." "She... she doesn't have any memories... she wouldn't let me in..." Slenderman sent a fist crashing down onto his wooden desk. "Re[]lly, BEN?! You c[]n't do ONE S[]MPLE T[]SK?!" Thick, piercing static hung in the elf's ears- giving him an unbelievably strong headache and forcing him to crumple to the ground. "I-I... tried... so ha-hard..." He managed to whimper out before passing out on the floor from the mere tension of it all. "M[]SKY." Slenderman snarled and forced the door open with a tentacle- revealing the white-masked man standing there. Slenderman adjusted his tie and cleared his throat before speaking out, "Tak[] BEN up t[] his r[]om... I s[]em to h[]ve l[]st my temp[]r..." The proxy nodded before hoisting BEN onto his shoulder and walking out of the office. "S-Slender?..." A familiar stuttering voice rang in the faceless-man's non-existent ears. Slenderman turned his head to the doorway to stare at the familiar hooded form of his favorite proxy- Hoodie. "Y[]s, Hood[]e?" He replied while sitting himself down in his neat office-chair. "I-I overhe-heard..." He murmured and walked himself into the large room. "[]nd?" Slender replied, wondering what his proxy was getting to. "M-Maybe I c-c-could sneak in a-and see if she h-h-has a f-file...?" The faceless man would have widened his eyes if he had any. And he began to wonder how he could even SEE if he had no eyes... But he shook that thought away and placed a boney hand on Hoodie's shoulder and explained, "Brill[]ant id[]a, Hoodie! I co[]ldn't have th[]ught it b[]tter mys[]lf! And to []dd to it- if any[]ne catches y[]u, g[]t o[]t with any me[]ns nec[]ssary...." Slender's tone turned dark as he said those last words and released his proxy's shoulder. "Just al[]rt m[] when yo[]'re re[]dy, Ho[]die... whenever you th[]nk b[]st."________ "Ugh..." Silverman Huntley groaned as Dodger helped him up. He had a POUNDING headache, and wasn't sure what the cause of it was... The last thing he remembered was seeing BEN blow into that strange instrument. "My head hurts..." He heard Mickey complain. Silver tried to open his eyes, but quickly closed them when the world started spinning. "Are you alright, Silver?" He heard Spot's voice before him. "Yes, but I seem to have the slight predicament of a pounding headache." He replied while trying to stand to his feet. "Hmm," She hummed in thought, "I guess it's a side-effect from his ocarina..." "So that's what that thing was?..." Silver exclaimed in bewilderment. His headache began to ease- allowing him to open his eyes and gaze upon the wonderful, smart detective before him. "Yes." She replied while standing back onto her feet. "It would make sense, since he was accessing your memories." Silver lost his balance and was about to fall backward, but the female grabbed him by the arm and steadied him. "Thanks... but how come you're not affected?" The male wondered aloud. Spot narrowed her eyes and murmured, "Because I guarded him... I made myself forget, for a few moments, what my past was like..."