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10,000 Calorie Challenge: What Would You Eat?
I talked about the 10,000 calorie challenge last month, and a lot of people YouTubers are doing.
If you had to do the 10,000 calorie challenge, choosing only one food item, what would you choose to eat?

I'd eat 10,000 calories worth of my abuela's pastelón de plátano maduro. I CAN EAT THAT FOREVER YOU GUYS.

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Mango all the way! Because once I ate to much and felt bad, I haven't eaten it in ages!
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@Ikpoper I'd be running to the bathroom with mango!!
a year ago·Reply
@YourConscience good choice :P
a year ago·Reply
@alywoah thanks I love dark chocolate
a year ago·Reply
For myself, I think I'd have pizza.
a year ago·Reply