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As the reigning supreme cool-guy/robot and Vingle Video Games Moderator-ator/CEO of Droid Corp, I spend a lot of time reading the cards that pop up in the community. And you know, most of the time, I don't really do anything about it. Sometimes, I pop a like on ya and other times I drop a comment sayin' "hey" but I usually just do nothing.

But that changes today!

So from now on, every Friday I'm going to be putting together a card with some of my favorite cards from the community. So without further ado, let's get into it!

@InVinsybll's Bloodborne Saga

I don't know if you guys have been paying attention. But apparently it's been a big week for @InVinsybll and Bloodborne. Reading through his progress through the game almost makes me want to pick the game up for myself. I say almost because I'm a wimp and afraid of hard games.

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@poojas' card about Sim-ception

Everyone wants their game to be more realistic than the last one. But @poojas shared this webcomic from The Very Near Future to remind us that, maybe, it's not such a great idea.

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@namrow puts Raiden and Zoro in a ring to duke it out

The worlds of Metal Gear Solid and One Piece collide in @namrow's Versus card. Is it a fair fight? Do I know who Zoro is? Would it be an interesting fight? I don't know, no, and yes are my answers to the question. Be sure to visit their card and weigh in on the battle.

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@iluvdurian31 let us watch a World Record get broken in 5 minutes

Now, I've watched speedruns before. And I've tried to speedrun myself. But I would have never thought that someone could speedrun Super Mario and finish it in under 5 minutes. Now, that's dedication. A huge thanks to @iluvdurian31 for sharing this with the community/

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@SonTyler's Hedgehog v. Saiyan street fight

This versus card is particularly interesting to me because Silver the Hedgehog was based off of Trunks from DBZ. It's almost like they're fighting themselves... If one was a forgettable hedgehog and the other was an actual character worth our attention. Thanks @SonTyler for this awesome match up! Make sure you let him know your opinion in his card!

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@BeannachtOraibh's return to gaming with Quantum Break

This card by @BeannachtOraibh just makes it in this week's Community Spotlight with her return to video games. Quantum Break is one of only games that makes me want to pick up an Xbox One and after reading her brief synopsis of the game, it only makes me want one even more.

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And those are the cards that grabbed me the most this week. I'll see you guys in 7 days for another Community Spotlight. It's a lot of fun reading all of your cards so keep them coming.
What's that you say? You want be included in next week's What You Might Have Missed? All you got to do is write a card! Literally, that's it. You can tag me in it, you can message it to me, or you can just let me find it on my own. But until next time, this has been the first of many What You Might Have Missed community spotlights!