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So if you didn't get to read the first part of this fanfic here is the link!!!!! Part 1 SO LETS CONTINUE!!! Shall we????
~ ~RECAP~~ ****** An Hour Later ******* (says it in the voice as the one in SpongeBob) That sip of drink led to more gulps of alcohol. Also mark joining Jackson with 5 separate tequila shots. By now they were both tipsy , scratch that their both drunk, and people were already leaving well not after passing by Jackson saying how awesome the party was. Everyone left leaving the place a mess but Jackson didn't care for he was tipsy. ~~ END OF RECAP~~~ Jackson looked around and saw that mark still haven't left yet. Mark walked over to stand next to Jackson who was leaning against the wall but instead stumbled. Jackson caught mark by the waist breaking the impact of his fall. They stared at each other's eyes...... feeling a connection that sent shivers throughout their spines and Jackson could feel his heart pumping out of his chest. He couldn't take it no more! He put his hand on the side of mark's face, pulling his face gently towards his face. Jackson looked at mark's eyes and closed the small gap between them with a kiss not filled with lust but a sweet kiss that pours pure love while kissing. At first mark was shocked because it had been a long time since he kissed Jackson and missed the familiarity of his lips that fit perfectly with his. He wrapped his arms around Jacksons neck , the kiss was soft one. They parted lips and leaned their foreheads together, looking in each other's eyes with pure love. "I've missed you mark" Jackson said in a sweet one. "I missed you a lot too" mark said giggling and giving one last peck on Jackson's lips. "Come! Lets celebrate!" Jackson exclaimed entwining his hands with marks that molded perfectly with his hand. Mark giggled again following Jackson by his side. They went back to the bar, Jackson making drinks for themselves. Once he was done Jackson handed mark his drink. "Lets make a toast, for letting me love you again and this time I will never let you go again!" he exclaimed as proud as he can, clinging the drinks together. "To us!" mark exclaimed drinking down his drink. "Yes to us" Jackson said looking at mark admirably finally feeling complete again.
Sorry if it's a bit too short but tell me if you would like to be tagged for the vkook fanfic. And I would still continue this fanfic so don't think the story is over. Hope you enjoyed reading this fanfic!
@mszmarclyne93 no problem and your very welcome
I wanna be tagged for the vkook one. I wanna be tagged for this one too when the nxt one come plzzz. thank u
It's just a thing I'm good at lol but if you ship VKook then I would warn you to bring some holy water with you @PrettieeEmm
why oh why.. you kill me
Omg omg omg it's awesome ~excited- 😱 I want more 😍
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